Monday, September 22, 2008

Instant Thai Food!

Do you enjoy Thai food as much as I do? Oh yes! I love anything spicy and tasty and Thai food is one of those that can make me salivate even without looking at them *salivate again!*.

My sis bought these pre-packed Thai meal sets for my mom during one of her recent trips to Bangkok. She bought these at the airport as she hardly had time to visit any of the shops after work so price wise, I think it would have been slightly more expensive.

These are instant paste for green curry and tom yam shrimp soup! As Thai food are generally spicy, the level of spicyness are cleverly indicated on the outer packaging by listing the number of chillies highlighted. Can you spot it? That is a great idea and very consumer friendly dont you think?
Not sure when mom will cook these but will sure share the results with you yeah? Meanwhile, drool ... just like me.


VG said...

Hi Joanna...I like Thai food too. And like you, I am drooling.

Josephine said...

I love thai food!!!
The Tom Yum Kung set looks tempting.

k said...

i love thai food. all the spices... umm.. yummy. these kind of packs, although cheap in thailand, are pretty expensive in japan.

i have a tom yum kung set at home. not sure if it's the same one. anyway, looking forward to you sharing your results! ^^

Jojo said...

Ummm! Yummy yummy!! I love sour, but not too spicy thai food..