Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alkaline Water

So how many of you already have an alkaline water filter at home? Hands up please.

I knew nothing about this until my boss asked me to get an alkaline water filter for the office. I never knew what "alkaline" water means cos I never previously bothered enough to find out about it. All I know and heard before was simply water filters, RO water, "energy" water, etc but alkaline water was something new to me.

It is said that from all the food we eat which normally contains a high level of fats & sugar, this makes our body acidic and hence, leads to many kinds of illnesses. In order to balance it out, someone out there came out with alkaline water-producing filters. I think there are several brands out there and they dont come cheap. The one we bought for the office costs more than RM2,000.

I have been drinking it for the past 3 months but honestly, I dont notice any change for the better in me. However, my office driver did give his to his dad (in his 70s) to try and he said that his dad feels much better as in less body aches and pains - wow. So now, he dutifully fills up bottle after bottle to take home for his dad every day - which I totally dont mind (*smile*).

I might really consider this for my new home next year. If anyone knows of any other brand (other than a japanese brand) please do let me know. I heard there are cheaper China-made brands but a bit cautious of them unless its recommended by friends. So do let me know ya?


Jojo said...

Aiyoh! There is a lot of those alkaline water lah, reversed osmosis lah, oxygen water lah.. really dunno wat to choose for lah!! Even the 1 we currently consuming in office ah is O3 energy... pening!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I guess if you're already healthy, you wont notice any significant changes in your health.

Anonymous said...

nice blog!

Regarding alkaline water, let me explain it in bio-chemistry stuff...

The pH of ordinary drinking water will have little effect on the pH of the stomach contents because gastric fluid has an overwhelmingly low between 1~2. The pH of the "resting" or empty stomach is 1.~2. If the food / water (alkaline or acidic) we consume raises the pH of the liquid to over 5.0, then it triggers the production of HCl (hydrocloric acid / gastric juice). Enzyme Pepsin is not active above pH 5, so HCl is needed to lower the pH to below 5 for optimal breaking of proteins from the food we eat. All foods that leave the stomach are acidic. When it enter the intestines, secretions from pancreas will neutralize the stomach acids. So no matter what we eat / drink, the food in stomach is acidic and the food in the intestines is alkaline. The food/water we eat does not control the body pH. Example - blood pH is tightly controlled by kidney and lung function.

In short, drinking water with slight acidic / alkaline have little effect on stomach pH.

What most important to choose an effective water filter remove contaminants.

I have written some water stuff in