Thursday, September 25, 2008

Got Hitched - Finally!

This colleague and friend of hubby ... finally got hitched back in March or May I can't recall! And he quietly did that! No one knew, even his closest of friends! Terrible guy this fella!

We finally got a chance to attend his wedding dinner held locally in a chinese restaurant within a golf club resort in KL, in conjunction with his traditional Chinese wedding event at his home.

The restaurant (belonging to the Tai Thong Group) served reasonably good food which you can see from 2L2M's blog. I particularly liked the herbal chicken and steamed pomfret (although this fish is slightly high in cholesterol). The lotus fried pancake is not too bad as well.

Had to rush home before we could thoroughly enjoy our dessert as it was already 10pm and it was time to pick up my little one from mom's place before we head home. As usual :-(

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2L2M.... said...

nevermind....I finished the dessert on u guys behalf.....kekekekeke