Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot Wheels Wall Track Starter Kit

Are you one of those that are very lucky when it comes to lucky draws, free gifts, etc?  I am definitely not one of them!   I hardly win anything!  But when I saw this Hot Wheel Wall Track Starter kit in this famous blog, I got very kan-cheong!!  Cos this will freak my boy out!   I can imagine him jumping up & down if he gets this!

I am a pretty kiam-siap mom.   Meaning I don't buy expensive and branded toys for him.   This is also because he is not that good in taking care of his toys.   And he also gets bored really fast.   So I only buy when there is an occasion or when he truly deserves it.    Most of them time, night market toys will do.   The branded ones are all gifts from his aunts & uncles and of course his precious daddie.   Not that I dont love him, but I truly believe he is already priviledge enough and too much will only spoil him.  

About 2 weeks after I joined the contest, I saw the email that I wanted to see!  Actually, I was expecting the announcement via FB but then it was announced via email to me, then the official announcement on her blog.    Yeah!!!!!    I won!!!!!   Thanks so much MG!!

The gift was delivered by Hot Wheel's local PR agency to me 2 weeks later which was totally fine with me cos they were kind enough to hand deliver it to me rather than having me drive all they way to some place to collect it.

Its been a month or more and I have yet to give it to him.  I've decided to keep it for a special occasion.  Birthday had passed,  so he will have to wait till its Christmas.    Between now and Christmas, of course there will be small gifts every now & then from his aunt (my sis).  She works in Singapore and she come back every 2 months or so ... without fail a gift for him.    He is into Beyblade now ... and its so much cheaper getting it from there.   I once bought a Ben 10 shoe for S$10 and her it costs RM60 or RM80 ! Chee sin!

Even when we go grocery shopping to Giant, Tesco or Carrefour, he is reminded that we will not buy any toys.  Only fruits & vegetables and grocery items (like coco-crunch, vitagen or yakult, cheese, etc).  If there is advance reminder before we leave the house, he is OK with and will normally agree to it.   But he will tell me he wants an ice-cream which we normally allow.   But then he sees the chocolate, he wants that too.  So he has to make a choice, cannot have both. 

Am I too strict?  How often do you get toys for your kids?  Do you buy whatever they fancy and ask for? 


MeRy said...

Congrats for winning the Hot Wheels track starter kit.
I bet your boy must be very happy when he see this toy.
For me, I hardly buy toys for my son,but my son love to see toys.Once a week, he will ask me to bring him to see toys,lucky he only see but never request me to buy for him.
Once a while, I will buy some suprise toy for my son too.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I also wanna win it!! Too late already ah? My kids only get toys for birthdays and Xmas from me. But daddy and my sis-in-law spoil them to nonsense!

Vickylow said...

It look so cool cars moving on the track that look so awesome. Normally I dun buy if my kids beg me too. I'll buy whenever I feel I wanna buy for them haha.

Cynful Pleasure said...

congrats... I seldom buy toys for Princess too.. only when she is fully good and behave for a few weeks.. hehehe..

Ann said...

I love this toy! Glad you won it.

I used to get alot of toys for the boy...simple toys so that he can play by himself and I get to do some work.

Now that he is bigger, I get books and drawing stuff instead. Still buy, but for use and not expensive.

Right is a 1 month 1 purchase deal - can be anything from a pen to a drawing block. And he must give me 3 reasons why I should buy it. And under what circumstances I will take it away.

So purchase = reinforcement and also to force him to think and reason. hahaha....

Small Kucing said...


yes uts pretty awesome set