Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hai Boey Seafood @ Teluk Kumbar, Penang

My first time eating here and definately not the last.  Good food at reasonable prices.  And most importantly, is much cleaner than Teluk Kumbar Seafood restaurant.   Also perfect for us cos the beach is clean and the restaurant operators were smart to build a few swings & slides for the kids to enjoy while the parents enjoy the food. 

A decent and clean beach front, for the kids to have a fun-filled time with sandplay.  Dont worry about washing up, cos the toilets are CLEAN.

Cannot remember the names of all the dishes cos we had so many rounds of food in Penang.  But no worries, cos if you are here, you will notice a large noticeboard with all their chiu phai choy indicated there.  

The below coconut prawn curry is exceptionally good.  Very aromatic!  Wish I had some bread to dip into them!!!  MIL could not stop scooping :D

So creative of them to built this aquarium beneath the tap.  So imagine la, how many times Bryan wanted to wash his hands LOL!!

Oh ya!  I heard the men's toilet also similar concept wor ... while you are aiming ah ... there will be fishes beneath where you aim wor!   Too bad I cant go in take pics la!

For 5 adults + 1 kiddo, our bill was about RM130.

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wow...the food certainly makes me drool

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