Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ben 10 Scooter & Safety Gear!

One of his favourite gift he got for his recent birthday was a scooter.   Actually I dont even know its called a scooter until he told me LOL!!    Grandma bought this from the pasar malam .... cheap, only RM55 compared to those from ToysRUs ... more than RM100! Aiyoh, heart also pain see the price there.

His aunt bought him a set of safety gear, consisting a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and gloves.  He learnt about this safety gear after visiting the safety campaign for kids at Petronas Science Centre.   Well, glad he actually learnt something that day! LOL!!  But this safety gear, not cheap oh.  Costs RM99.  More expensive that the vehicle itself .. hahaha.  Too bad pasar malam dont have, else I would have asked his aunt to buy that .. reason being, as usual, he only hangat-hangat tahi ayam for a couple of weeks.  

There is a playground and a nice basketball court at our housing area.  Perhaps now I can feel its safer to take him out there to ride on his scooter and/or bicycle, his birthday gift from last year :D

The scooter looks a bit small for him but the height is adjustable.  But for now, its perfect for him.


mini kick said...

I am really pleased to see your blog sharing such a nice and informative content. I am actually looking for something exactly like this.

Merryn said...

ur house very da cantik!!

Adrine said...

Looks fun and I know what u mean. I also look out for cheaper alternatives for things that I think may be "hangat-hangat tahi ayam"!. (but strange thing is I'm often proven wrong. The phase and the product can unexpectedly last quite long. he he)

Family First said...

Thanks Merryn. Not as cantik as some others la but ok ok la.

Adrine, yeah lor. There are cheap toys that last long too.

Kristie said...

that is great, he will zoom around the house in no time.