Monday, July 11, 2011

Mickey Mouse Cake

One of my all time favourite cartoon, Mickey Mouse!!! Love it to bits even at this ripe old age (LOL) and when my ex-colleague asked me if I could do one for her son's 5th birthday .. I quickly accepted it and to make sure I had the deal sealed, I even gave her a discount before she could even say "let me think about it" ... LOL!!!! Coincidentally, her son's name is also Brian but spelt with an "i" whilst my Bryan is spelt with a "y".

Another vanilla butter cake with buttericing all over Mickey's head with lemon flavouring. This Mickey surely smells fresh!!

Sharing with you another Mickey cake which I did last year for my Bryan's 3rd birthday and looking at it both ... I really hope to believe that my cake decorating skills have actually improved, dont you think? Feels really good!

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Rose said...

you dare to experiment more and does show improvement. Bravo!
I am also a big fan of Mickey Mouse and because of me, my 2 kids also adore Mickey Mouse. Lol! Deep inside this ripe old age, we are young at heart. Hahah!