Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Garden Cake & Cupcakes

Late Friday evening, SIL called to order some cupcakes for a housewarming party that she was invited to by her immediate neighbour. She didnt know what to get them at first and then she remembered that eldest SIL and her daughters were at my place learning to bake a orange butter cake and some cookies. So she wanted some cupcakes ... and at the same time helped me promote them lor ... so thanks to you Vivian.

The same night, my niece called to ask if I could bake her a birthday cake as well .. and she wanted it by tomorrow as well ... same deadline by SIL! I panicked a bit but nevertheless, I did promise her that I'll bake a simple one which she didnt mind. I dont have the heart to turn down the little girl. Birthdays are very important to the younger generation mah, right?

So late Friday evening, i went out to get some groceries. Quickly baked a chocolate cheese cake the same night and let it rest to cool overnight. Next morning, I woke up at 4am to bake an orange cake and 2 batches of cupcakes, left them to cool and quickly frosted them.

The most easy theme would be the garden theme and since I have ready made fondant flowers in hand (made them earlier for mom's birthday), I used them in the said "garden".

I finished this at 9am, just in time before Bryan wakes up. He was pretty excited to see them. And so was I.


LittleLamb said...

wah...u r taking orders already!!!!
good la..

somemore waking up at 4am to bake. I need my sleep

Health Freak Mommy said...

You baked the green cake? WOW, very nice!!

Charmaine said...

OMG... so rajin, wake up at 4am. Those cakes look beautiful. I am sure your customers appreciated your efforts.

Rose said...

Wow! Busy you but great cake. I wish I have the baking talent, but cooking is still my favourite past time

mNhL said...

Those cakes are very nice!

And yes...birthday are very important for the young generations. hehehe

Alice Law said...

Beautiful cupcakes and adorable cake!^-^ Your SIL is sure lucky to have you!

Ann said...

wah....up at 4am to bake? gone are those days for me! the cakes with their deco look real good.

2L2M.... said...

you just managed it as a pro! and it shows in your creations! :)