Monday, February 8, 2010

C2 - Cool & Clean Green Tea

I recently had a chance to sample a new drink in town. Its called C2 - Cool & Clean Green Tea! Its actually 100% green tea but flavoured with apple, lemon and forest fruit .. cool eh!

From what I read from its label, its apparently 100% natural green tea, meaning it is brewed and not made from concentrates or powder. And they are also brewed and packed on the very same day ... making it so fresh in taste and smell .. hmmm!!!

I am no green tea fan I tell ya (yeah, me coffee addict) and I stay away from green tea altogether cos I dont like the normal strong greenish tea smell the usual green tea drinks have, but this one, you gotta try it to like it!

I tried the apple flavour first. Unchilled. Its was ok. I was able to taste a good balance of the green tea and the apple flavour. The tea did not overpower the apple taste and it actually gave it a nice touch of flavour to an ordinary green tea.

Next, I tried the lemon. Chilled this time. It was a blast! It was full of flavour and very very refreshing! In fact, I just returned from a long drive under the hot sun (searching high & low for cheap & good lime trees lah for CNY) and boy! It was really good! It cleared my thirst instantly! I loved it! Hubby tried the forest fruit flavour and did not even leave me a sip!

I have 3 cartons at home now and this is what is going to be served for CNY ... provided there is any left by then. Hubby and lil one seem to be eyeing it all the time *wink*. Honestly, its a good alternative to those carbonated drinks out there. Its full of anti-oxidants and so beneficial to our body. You have to be careful of the sugar though. As long as its taken in moderation, should be ok I guess. And its HALAL too .. perfect for my muslim friends that will be coming over for CNY.

Apparently, its now selling at Jusco and Giant .. both of which is near my house. And also at 7-11 outlets. Will check it out if I find my 3 cartons of supply diminishing too soon!

Do remember to give it a try if you see them on the shelves .. its good!


vickylow said...

wah seem many mommies grabbing C2 drink for this coming CNY.

ICook4Fun said...

Wishing you and your family A Happy and Prosperous New Year. May the year of tiger brings you lots of happinesss, health and wealth

MeRy said...

I read from my friend 's blog that tis green tea is nice...goin to find c my plc here got sell or not.

BabyBooned said...

got non-halal green tea meh..?? hee.. dont mind me, i'm a confused person.

yum. must try this soon.

happy chinese new year to you :)

SueMomster said...

I used to have cartons and cartons of this at home cos my SIS is working with this company. But now she resigned and resides in Hanoi. Sigh.. no more FOC drinks d. Hehehe