Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm cooking!

I can't believe it myself! I actually cooked 2 meals!!!! Actually it was 3. Cos the very day we moved in, we had to cook a meal for ourselves (so as to "wong" the kitchen la), so I ended up doing a simple one-pot bak-kut-teh and fried vege. Simple and nice. Chewah! My ILs came for dinner too. Have not heard any complains or tummy ache, etc, so I guess it went well.

Last weekend (Friday off mah), I masak spaghetti cos I won a free pot mah. So try using it lor. It was pretty easy but my first time mah, so a bit kelam kabut in the kitchen lah. But still ended up both hubby and I sapu till almost habis lah. So I think it went ok as well lah. Hehehehe. For the spaghetti night, I also tried to make some fresh prawn + mango wantan, deep fried till crispy. It was yummy to me, but hubby said a bit funny taste ... guess its the mango lor. He not used to having menu that has cooked fruits in them, so thats why lor.

On Sat, we went to Petaling Street to get our first X'Mas tree, so ask hubby to tapau a small portion of duck for our dinner. Got home, I fried some cabbage + tri-color bell peppers & also fried 3 eggs with some (immitation) crab meet + corns! Trying to be a bit adventurous cos if it was our moms, dont think they will use that combination! Overall, good also. Edible lah.

Dont ask me for recipe yet ok, me test test kitchen only.


LittleLamb said...

ooooo nice nice! u follow all the sifu said ar?? anyway glad that u r on the way on cooking more.. so how's the new house? post some pix la..n also yr xmas tree!


Merryn said...

got flower somemore! cooking in a new kitchen is a hassle for me last time. not familiar with where is where and what is where.. hahaha.. but laterz, it became one of my 'fav hangout' as i spend most of my time there!

yeah.. wanna see more pix of ur new home. :)

Ann said...

sounds like you really enjoyed the cooking!! Glad you are all settling in well.

no pix of the new place? how much was the xmas tree?

Sasha said...

considered very good edi la. More and more to come!

My Lil' Monster said...

Wah you finally had a hse warming after battling with reno for teh last few mths.

I'm sure your hse is very welcoming and warm now. Need us to 'tung chang tung chang' to make it more merrier? kekekek

Anywaya, Congrats. Your hse is very nice and I'm sure all your hard work all paid off.

Do give us a tour to your hse k :)

Bak Kut Teh? Mmm... for a beginner considered very 'keng' oledi.

vickylow said...

Cooking in new kitchen....really nice

mommy to chumsy said...

wow, food looks great :)

Mummy Gwen said... moved in already lah. The food looks yummy. more pics of yr house lah.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Are you sure you cooked 3 meals only? I see more... so much food. Enjoy your kitchen (and of course, the rest of your new home)!

Anonymous said...

You need food testers? I can pop over then I don't need to cook wahahahah....guess there's so much of excitement from the new kitchen, even a simple sunny side up will taste fab! hehe

ur (ex)neighbour

javapot said...

can u share your contact for moving your big items when u moved in, tks would really appreciate it.


Dear Javapot, sorry I did not have much to move cos we had to buy everything we needed since we are starting from scratch. Its our first home, so we had to buy everything individually.

javapot said...

no worries, read today's post and understand. btw who did u use for your kitchen and cabinets? nice tv cabinet btw.