Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Really cool contemporary lights

If you do have a contemporary look for your home and are looking out for some really cool looking lightings, you should visit Tsen Gallery @ Kota Damansara. I got to know about them by chance.

After visiting Homedec after Homedec, I just didnt see anything that I liked at regular exhibitors like Alfo & GDO. Or they were a bit over my budget. And since it was best we have all the lightings in place while the electrical contractors were still working on our new home, I decided to give one more try to look for another lighting shop. Googled and ended up with Tsen.

I choose a round chandelier light for our living room. It was affordable but of course, they were made from China crystals lah. But I must say, quality and design wise, China is coming with a bang! For a moment, I thought they were from Egypt or even Europe! Im sorry I dont have a good pics of it cos I dont own a DSLR mah ... see.

Glad to have made a purchase. One down and a few other stuff more to buy and that's it.


LittleLamb said...

nice nice..
hope everything is coming along the way.

The Cooking Ninja said...

I learnt from someone who made jewellery as a hobby, that China crystals fade (shine) after a while. They might be cheap but their shine doesn't last as long as those european ones.

Hazel said...

oh, so nice

Hazel said...

oh, so nice

MeRy said...

Nice light..