Monday, October 12, 2009

Fungates - the right choice?

Last Saturday, 2 Fungates operators hosted "Open Day" at their centre. We took Bryan there for a visit and to see if he liked the environment there.

When we first arrived at Centre A, he saw quite a few people and immediately turned to me and asked me to carry him. But the moment I told and showed him the room which was filled with lots and lots of colorful books, arts & crafts, learning apparatus, etc, he forgot about us. He was in his own world. Running up and down the entire class, fascinated by so many things that he gets to touch and mess up! He kinda got excited that even the washing area was so low (child's height) that he could easily turn the tap on & off as he pleased! *pengsan*.

Hubby checked on the rates and other information while I monitored my dear boy. I cannot leave him out of our sight cos the whole centre would have *terbalik* if I turn my back for 5 seconds!

Not very impressed by the look, quality of the english spoken by the centre staff and the location of the centre (it was inside an intermediate shoplot with no playground or space to run about) - but 5 mins from our new home, we headed to Centre B.

Centre B was a total opposite. It was housed in a HUGE bungalow and had good English speaking staff and teachers. They also conversed in Mandarin but it will only be taught in Year 4. The only drawback for us is the distance from our new place.

Again, Bryan was all over the place. The teachers here knew better how to interact with the kids ( managed to get his attention on one particular activity which he followed accordingly but we could see clearly that he was the "tai kor" amongs the others *double pengsan* trying to dominate - almost snatch the apparatus from the teacher!)

Both the centres told us that they would start with teaching the kids basics (of course lar, what else right) like recognizing ABCs and 1-10 ... but Bryan already kn0ws all that. On good mood days, he can count till 30! Both in English & Mandarin!

He can spell all the words he sees on the billboards on our way home each night! He reads out all the alphabets he seens in the newspapers or those that are printed on my T-shirt! I am getting worried that he will be bored in a Year 3 class .. but we still will have to start him there.

I wish to check out Montessori next but there is none near my place. It has to be a bus journey of about 30 mins at least each way! So, what shall I do? Compromise on education system or compromise on this travel time? I think he is too young to travel so far everyday.


Ann said...

Hmm....tough choice! Is there any nearby that is good but not as 'well-known'?

If I had to choose, I think I would choose education (and environment) over distance. And pray that the bus ride don't have hooligans and that the driver will make sure the kids are safe.

mommy to chumsy said...

I heard Fungates are good. Actually, Ashley knew her ABCs and numbers before she went to kindy this year. She still enjoys it because there are many other things that are being taught in school like crafts, colouring, matching...etc. I am sure your lil one will enjoy it too. :D

Anonymous said...

No worry, he will enjoy he is learning ABCs all over but different environment and I think all kids these days recognise the alphabets before they go into playschool. In time to come, babies will be able to recognise the alphabets already in the womb hehe.

The ABC thingy probably a phase of revision used in kindy and they will be taught vowels and form words from there. In no time he will not read the alphabets anymore, he gonna read the whole writings all over town hehehe.

Where is Centre B located?

Also Bryan's mom.

the little prince said...

I think the kid will tell you which school that he is more comfortable with!! :-)

ChloeRuoyi said...

I will go for the convenience. Actually I did just that, enrolling Chloe in a kindy which is walking distance away from home. After all, it's only a kindy and I dun buy all those special method/system gimmicks ;-) Bryan is such a big boy now, and very clever too!

vickylow said...

My girl study in Fungates system kinder too. Overall quite satify with it. She love school so I dun have hard morning to push a cranky child to kinder. Actually for all year 3 learning are about the same eg ABC, 123, shapes, colours, body parts, but for social skill, cooperation, sharing & etc is learning in school too. Try set your criteria and see which kinder meet it most. Good luck.

Sasha said...

like jayden he know how to read edi but still gotto start all over again. But dun worry la.. they will enjoy themselves being together with frens.

Eh i noticed many kids also love to wash hand in sch.. cos the sink so cute and low. hehe

reanaclaire said...

hi..first time coming by here from IPOH ... ipoh blogger, me.. :) sorry cannot help u much in choosing, not familiar with KL.. when my kids were young, i just sent them to a nursery nearby my house, less than 5 minutes drive.. those days, nurseries here were few..
anyway, hope u make the right choice..

rina said...

I would choose environment. Kids learn fast no matter where they are, but a positve environment is also important. So if you are not very comfortable with the 1st place, then it may not be the place for him. Teachers play an important role too.

2ma said...

shan leo's kindie is using the fungates system too. he also knew his ABCs and numbers before he enters kindie. so far, no problem and he is learning well.

i beleive that when a 3yr old starts kindie, its time for him to learn to day-to-day things in life such as sharing, manners, make new friends, etc

so, have fun!

Sarahnur said...

Hi, I was searching for Fungates Kindie in Ipoh and found ur blog. Could you suggest me any good Kindie in Ipoh that applies Fungates system? I am from KL and moving to Ipoh early next year. Thanks for your help.