Monday, August 24, 2009

Very likely not

We are still undecided on our trip end of this week. A bit too afraid to go but feel that it is such a waste as we have to forego the airticket that we paid for. Feel so sad ler .. but what to do. Dont wanna be the one to force the trip cos if anything happen, I will be blamed for the rest of my life!

On the other hand, our neighbour's son has been affected. He is down with A(H1N1) and I think they have quarantined him at home in a room. He is about 7 years old I think. Where did he get it from? I never had a chance to ask. Just heard it from my MIL. Have not seen any of them outside at the garden or fence area, so no chance to ask them directly also. See, they never travel but also at risk. So at the end of the day, sit her or sit there, also at risk if we are not careful about hygiene right???


LittleLamb said...

if u ask me, JUST GO.
take extra precaution, pump in more vitamins....

BabyBooned said...

yes its true, sit here quietly also can get infected. the best thing is to try and keep good hygiene and .. just pray we dont get infected!

we went for a holiday despite my dad's lecture on how we shouldnt go due to the h1n1 bla bla bla. but thank God nothing happened. we opted to go by car instead of by flight because scared of being cooped up in a closed area with sick ppl!

if u go, perhaps u could buy those good expensive masks that the papers say are good for prevention....?

Lizhen said...


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2ma said...

well, its definitely a tough decision *sigh* anyway, am going away for the wkend with the boys. since we are driving, hence it should be safe :)