Monday, June 1, 2009

How to take pics like that!

I had a really lovely weekend. We went to a nearby seaside resort and spent a night there. It has been ages since we last went on a real holiday! Although there is nothing to shout about in terms of the destination, the journey and overall get-away-from-the-city was indeed refreshing.

As the lil one grows up, I find that he is slowly understanding us more and more. He does not really kick up a big fuss in the car. Well, he does get bored but when I explain to him, he seems to understand and then lies down under your arms (baby position lah) and manja-manja with me for a while. But all hell breaks loose when we reached! Its like letting him out of jail I tell ya!

For obvious reasons, I cant have the camera with me when he is around. He is just ALL OVER THE PLACE and I have to chase him and be as close to him as possible so that he does not break anything or get kidnapped! He can run damn fast ok! Sampai I really have to sprint to catch him .. else ar .. he surely out of my sight in just a mere 5 seconds!!

As much as I planned to blog about the trip with wonderful, beautiful and everything else "ful" pictures ... but I dont really have any decent spontaneuous shots! I kinda envy those bloggers that can have so so so many good shots with their DSLR cameras ... jelesnya! Moreover, I was soaking wet in my own sweat all the time! Of course I can ask hubby to take pics for me lah but he wont really know what I want, so .... but again, got some pics is better than no pics at all???? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anyway, I will blog as much as I can about the short trip with some simple pics when I find some time to upload them. See ya real soon!


LittleLamb said...

went to PD??
ehehhehe cant wait for ur update ;p

Baby Darren said...

A short retreat is always better than nothing.

It's ok if you could not take any photos. Enjoy ur moments together with him and store all the moments in your memory. Those are precious moments.

Sometimes I realised when I overly engrossed into taking his photos, I've forgotten spending the happy time WITH him together. you get what i mean?? Most important is you enjoyed the moment together with him.

HN said...

Me too.. can't wait to see more photos!!!

BabyBooned said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! my sentiments EXACTLY!!!

everytime we go on a getaway, can hardly get any pictures. the pics that we got also are mostly soooo silly-looking coz most of em are candids! and bleahhhh.. how i hate taking pictures when i'm also drenched in my own sweat from chasing our little "cacing" around.

so i totally understand!!

how on earth do ppl do it with their dslr and so on??????

slavemom said...

Most of the time when we're on hol, hubs will "take care" of the camera. I jes can't manage any extra gadget, hands all full with the kids. So sometimes we dun even bring the camera along. So how to be professional blogger like that? Always no pics to show? hehehe