Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hidden Talent!

Did you know that this mommie loves to bowl? And so does Daddie! During our pak-toh (dating) days, we used to either visit the cinema every Sat or else, we will hit the bowling alley. We used to frequent the lanes at Sunway Pyramid lar .. now dunno still that hot or not that place(?).

Over the weekend (and like many other weekends), we stopped by Jusco at MV and while mommie had to do some shopping, daddie brought the brat to the little play area inside Jusco. Remember this place?

This time, daddie noticed that there was a little bowling game suitable for the lil one. For RM1 a game, my lil brat was rolling the balls away! And this game managed to get him to stay there at one place for more than 5 minutes!!!! Hurray!!!!

Hey, not bad wor!

He scored 178!

Actually, when I saw my brat bowling away, it really reminds me of the good-ole-days of the both of us just getting to do what we want to do. It was fun and life was just so much easier and less complicated then.

However, ever since Master Bryan Low came into the picture, as you have guessed, all our time is his time now.

We have hardly the opportunity to sit down together to even discuss about the renovation plans or on what or where to buy the stuff, etc, etc. The only private time we have is 20 minutes in the morning/evening when we are in the car on our way to the office. And not on all mornings you feel like talking okay?


Josephine said...

Hmmm, at least u got a kid, which 2 of u can generate more topics.

Sometime me and my dear, "u look at me, I look at you", nothing to say leh! But things got better ever since I came to SG to work. At least, we have more things to say after a few days break.

Moving back to KL soon, a bit "dam sam" this 'no topic' thing will happen again...


dear, thats why a relationship is always 'in progress" one .. a lot of hard work to make it work. must be filled with activities, else get bored lor. like after dating x years, must get married, then get married x years, must have baby, then after x years, try another baby .. hahaha! welcome to the club my dear! of course of all things, both must compliment each other ya ...

mommy to chumsy said... can still bowl with your darling mah....just use the same machine as your master ;)

Ann said... least your husband gives you some time to shop alone!!!

Sometimes I tell hubby to go away some where I can shop but after 10 min, he looks for me already!

nice to be needed....but sometimes not so nice...

Talk ah....Friday late night? Sat late night? Take bath together and talk?


Yatie SawaNiLa said...

my son love to play the bowling too..

Mommy and Daddy said...

I also likes to play bowling, but the ball always ended up "masuk longkang". Hehe.

I like to choose those lanes that far to the left or right, so nobody see my bad bowling skills.