Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We learnt a lesson

Losing weight.
Swollen abdomen.
Pain & bleeding with bowel movements.

This is exactly what is happening to my lil one. I never knew that a simple problem like constipation can lead to a bigger problem. We noticed that he started vomitting again after stopping for a few days. Although his appetite is not back to normal, we thought he was doing ok, but we were so wrong. I am glad to have found a good paediatrician near our home.

Lil one has had constipation problems every now and then. He would normally "poo-poo" everyday but once every few weeks, he will only do it the 3rd day. By that time, its hard as a rock and when he needs to pass out, he seems to be too afraid of the pain. We noticed that when this happens, he would try to hold it back if he could. Otherwise, he would be screaming his head off running up & down until it happened.

Last week was the worse of all the previous happenings. He started vomitting and had fever. We suspected the normal viral fever. But no, it was not.

The doctor told me that all the above are signs of retentive constipation. He has prescribed a series of enemas and laxatives and also recommended us to go through a special program to encourage lil one back to his normal bowel movement behaviours.

We started his medication today and he did his business 5 times! Mom told me he was so tired and worked up that he has now developed a fever, which is expected. Mom gave him paracetamol just now. Hopefully when I see him later today, he will feel much better.


vickylow said...

Oh poor boy. Did he take fruits and plenty of water everyday. My girl did go thru that when she take the Enfagrow new range formula (4x DHA) and cause her got anal skin tag too. After changing formula she is okay.

LittleLamb said...

is it because of the type of food he eats??? u introduced something new or less water intake???


Hi vicky, my lil one has been on Snow since he was born, so i dont think its his milk. Maybe not enough fibre like fruits & water.

Hi Rachel, ya lah, i shd give him more water but this lil brat, very naughty, only drinks when you feed him with spoon! Dont want to drink from sippy cup or even his milk (water) bottle! So have to be more rajin to feed him.

angeleyes said...

Oh dear.... hope your boy is recovering.

Have you try like giving honey to your boy? Can try giving him some manuka honey... might helps him drinks more water.

When I first weaned my boy off from bf, he always has constipation as he do not want to drink water. So what I did was give him honey (very diluted) and sometimes Ribena (also very diluted) to encourage him to drink water.

Now he will drink plain water by himself... will even ask for it.

allthingspurple said...

Oh dear, the poor thing. My kid once had this fear of passing motion too, cos by then it was painful. The doctor gave her medicine to soften the stools and she overcame her fear after that, and was more minded to eat fruits thereafter.

Hope the little one gets better soon !