Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pregnancy & Delivery Story Tag

Been feeling a bit down yesterday and today, and did not plan to do a post. Gladly, Agnes tagged me with this ... so I kinda got mood to share my stories now .. so here it goes ...

1. Was your first pregnancy planned?

Yeah, we deliberately planned for it. Did not want to get preggie during the first year of marriage as we wanted to make sure we are both financially and emotionally ready to welcome the love of our life.

2. Were you married at that time?

Yes, we were exactly one year into our marriage.

3. What were your reactions?

Reactions .. err ... well, we were planning for it ... so kinda expecting it too. My reactions were pretty "cool", did not jump up & down, etc. Hubby was like ..really ar ... first time try for it already "kena" ar .. wow!

4. Was abortion an option for you?

Nope, not at all. We were welcoming him with open arms :-)

5. How old were you?

I am one of those who had a baby in my late 30s. Something I would not recommend .. body aches all over now.

6. How did you find out you were pregnant?

My period is very very accurate each month. So when I missed it by a week, I knew it. Coincidentally, I was falling sick (mild fever), went to the doc and while he was prescribing the medication, I told him I "might" be pregnant. He tested for it and there was a very faint line. Too early to say, he says, but yes, I could be pregnant. A week later, I bought a test kit and yeah, confirmed preggie.

7. Who did you tell first?

Aiyoh, hubby lor .. cos I did the test at home mar .. since its our first time .. must show hubby how the test kit works also mar .. hehehe.

8. Did you want to find out the sex?

NO! We asked our gynae not to tell us. Until I was almost 7 months preggie, then he "accidentally" showed us the "bottom view" .. so we knew.

9. Due Date?

10 April 2007.

10. Did you have morning sickness?

Yes but just mild. Damn sleepy though during first trimester!

11. What did you crave?

Nothing in particular but loved hot & spicy food. Disliked cold and bland tasting food.

12. Who/What irritated you the most?

Hmm ... no one and nothing really. Overall a good pregnancy.

13. What was your first child sex?

A boy!

14. Did you wish you had the opposite sex of what you were getting?

Nope, both hubby and I wished for a boy. In fact, while planning for the baby, our cousin shared with us a book on how to increase the chances of conceiving a boy .. we followed 80% of it and tried out its recommendation. It works! It works!

15. How many pounds did you gain throughout your pregnancy?

This is a scary question! I had put on almost 20kg!!!! And I am still having that 20!!!!! Darn!!!!

16. Did you have a baby shower?

No lah. We only had a full moon lunch at a chinese restaurant. It served buffet dim sum ... loved it. We had about 20 tables.

17. Was it a surprise or did you know?

Of course I knew. I had to know to invite my own relatives and friends right?

18. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?

Nope, none at all.

19. Where did you give birth?

Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar.

20. How many hours were you in labour?

Err .. I really wonder when I started labour ... cos there was no pain no nothing. Just had a few spots on my undies ..and it was a day before the EDD, so midnight I went to hospital (after shower & washing my hair). Then nurse say, aiyah,nothing lah, maybe you go back. I told her my EDD tomorrow wor .. then she said ok lah, you "check in" now lah. Abt 5am, feel back & hips pain, then feel as if "down there" got pressure. Told nurse to check, aiyoh, 8cm dilated - so fast! Call doctor!

21. Who drove you to the hospital?

Hubby lor ... after his table-tennis game, we went back to shower and I wanted to wash my hair ..then take a slow romantic midnight drive to the hospital .. hehehe.

22. Who watched you give birth?

My gynae, 2 nurses, hubby and a bunch of trainees .. which I did not mind. I said, can, can, come in lah. Else how are they going to be good at their job next time right?

23. Was it natural or C-section?

Totally natural with only 2cm tear. (I practised hypnobirthing mar ..)

24. Did you take medicine to ease the pain?

Only the gas for the last hour before the doc arrived. Hypno-breathing helped a lot!

25. How much did your child weigh?

7.7 pounds .. I prefer the pound measurement ... hehehe.

26. When was your child actually born?

On EDD day itself. Cool eh? So accurate!

27. What did you name him/her?

Bryan. At that time, I was crazy over tennis and loved the Bryan Brothers! I still am! To name him Federer or Nadal would have been a bit over the top right?

28. How old is your first born today?

22 months.

Walau! Quite a long tag lah .. so tired typing! But fun also lar. Hope you enjoyed reading it. I wonder how many mommys out there heard about Hypnobirthing & tried practising it?


Josephine said...

Been tagged again ar?


I have tagged u too. Check it out.

vickylow said...

Oh Hypnobreathing, heard it but do know how it pratice haha.

agnes said...

- chinese restaurant serve buffet dim sam?? sounds interesting la.. where?? where? mind to share??

- wow, put on 20 & still with u ah?? din drop even 3kg meh?? opsss...

- yes, I knew what book u were reading that time. my colleagues just shared it with me end last year but am just 'lazy' & feel 'stress' to follow it lah.. be natural loh.. good that it works on you since you have accurate period cycle prob.

- ur labor is kinda smooth and FAST huh?? LUCKY!!!!

yes, heard of Hypno-breathing but dont think manage to master/practice it well.. ;) at that time macam kelam-kabut only!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAA

anyway, thanks for sharing ur experience!!!

peimun said...

haha.. My brother also a tennis fans, that's why he named his son Rafael...kekkeke!!!!

LittleLamb said...

Bryan is one of the names we shortlisted. my mom love it to bits cos same meaning as her name....

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...only 2cm tear? Looks like hypnobirthing works hor. :)

slavemom said...

Hey, Bryan's another punctual bb, my girl too. ;)
I've heard of H-birthing. Wanted to enrol for my 2nd preg, but nvr got to it.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You had a very smooth delivery. Envy!