Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcoming 2009!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year to all of you. I have been on leave for the past 2 weeks and just started work yesterday. First day at work was kinda ok - my "engine" started off quite easily *smile*.

For the most of the days I was on leave, I have been busy meeting up with kitchen cabinet suppliers and also window shopping around for electrical items, sofa, dining table, etc. It has been a fruitful "research" outing indeed. At least we are now more certain on where to go and which are the things we should look out for when comes the day to purchase.

One thing I did purchase at a fantastic price is my Fotile hood & hob. I have done quite a bit of research here & there and the price I got at this electrical wholesaler was just too attractive. I personally loved the owners of this outlet as well as it is managed by a hubby-wifey team and both of them were nice and friendly. Most importantly, I could see and feel they were sincere and very practical in giving us suggestions on all the items in their store. More details later.

Hubby & I also spend quite a number of days shopping. We managed to purchase our CNY clothings in a comfortable pace and in some peace. Cos Mom helped us take care of lil one. We really enjoyed the time together just browsing around in the mall, having a simple breakfast at Kim Gary (I used to crave for thier egg & ham sandwhich every single morning when I was preggie :-) and even went for another session of massage!

We also travelled to Tangkak, Johor for my cousin's wedding. We stopped by Jonker's Street for some chicken rice ball lunch with my uncle & aunts. It was a short trip but just nice for us & lil one as any longer trip would have been too taxing on us! You know right ... my lil one is super-active every single minute of the day ...

So now, I am back to the grinding stone! But hey, CNY is around the corner! And I plan to be on long leave again ...at least for 10 days ... hurray!


Josephine said...

Miss u so much! A last u are back.
U have such a great break huh?
Spending time with ur husband. Me so envy leh. Although i go back weekly, but the time i spend with him is a few hours only. :(

Rina said...

Happy new year! Looks like you had a busy time!! Was on leave too. Now back to work:( . Harvynna goes to Beaconhouse in Bangsar. Wanted to move her out as they increased the fees by 30%. Had to stick to it due to transport problems

vickylow said...

Happy New Year. You seem very busy for your new house, take care and keep updating your latest news :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Faily First, your batteries recharged? Ha ha. I have heard about that Malacca rice ball dish. I must try it when I balek kampong one of these days.
Tangkak? Gosh, the last time I stopped there for coffee during my working days wayyyy back in the 70's. Bet the town has changed a lot now.
You have a great week and a happy new year, Lee.