Friday, January 9, 2009

Best Deal for Fotile Hood & Hob

If you are looking for a Fotile hood & hob, I can tell you where to get the best price! There are the top distributors & wholesalers for Fotile in Malaysia! They supply a lot to smaller electrical shops, renovation contractors, housing developers, interior design companies, etc in Malaysia and therefore, they are able to get good prices from Fotile Malaysia. Try JF Electrical in Subang (near Devil's Crab).

It was by chance that I knew about them. Remember the Ariston oven that I got for a freaking cheap price during their Carnival Sale last month? Well, it is the same distributor. Just trying my luck, I asked the salesman if they carried other brands in their store and he told me yes, they have a variety of brands for ovens, hoods & hobs. I was delighted to know they also carried Rinnai, Pacific, Teka, etc in addition to Fotile.

I visited them on a Sat morning and was a wee bit disappointed when I located the outlet. They are just a tiny outlet with no customers inside. Only a few lorry transporters walking in & out carrying some items out of the shop. I walked in and met the lady boss who was kind enough to show me the range that she carried. I enjoyed her hospitality and frank comments as well as they attractive prices. After all the Q&A between us, I finally decided on these two models.

Hood = D5BH
Hob = FA6B (latest model)

I chose this particular hood because I like the tempered glass finishing that gives the hood a more modern look. Although this design has been around for quite some time, it fits my needs for my new home in terms of looks & usage. It has a suction power of 900m3/h which I think is more than enough for normal cooking at home. Moreover, the higher the suction power, the louder the noise is.

My initial preference for the hob was the 5-nozzle burner that gives a much higher and more even fire all round. But it is much expensive. For the model that I chose, it has a 4-nozzle burner, the fire was pretty hot very quickly. This because the fire level in this particular model has been raised and is very close to your pot or pans, thus warming it up much faster, resulting is shorter cooking time using up less gas.

Another feature I like about it is that the fire is "adjustable". Normally when gas is running low, the color of the fire is yellow. This adjustable feature allows you to utilise the little gas left in the tank as efficiently as possible and turning it into blue flames once again until you totally run out of gas in the tank.

When I visited Homedec 08, I also eyed a Fotile hood & hob combination there and that dealer refused to budge even a single dollar, telling me that the retail price was "specially" formulated for a "special" event like Homedec! Ya sure! Specially expensive! From then on Homedec is for me to do research and see the latest products and "test water" to see how far they can offer me discounts! I never never buy electrical items from exhibitions!


Josephine said...

It is a bit risky to buy products from exhibition. Depends on your luck. Just like buying things from PC fair. You might get 'old stock'...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Family First, first time I hear of the names.
Must ask my wife about it.
You have a great weekend and best regards, Lee.

My Lovely 'A' said...

Thanks for sharing the info. I'm looking for these items as well for our new house. Do they really sell 'cheap'?

agnes said...

I think Fotile is a good brand.. nice design as well.. din know that it was only 900m3/h coz I was looking for something more than that last time.. Fagor was like 800m3/h & Pacifica is 1200m3/h so we went for Pacifica reason being we cook a lot esp typical chinese cooking which involve FRY thingy a lot.. scared the western one couldn't afford so.. ;)

anyway, as long as it suits ur lifestyle correct ;) nice brand and u are very good in bargaining coz u seem having all the good deals!!! haha

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you have JF Electrical in Subang (near Devil's Crab) contact address and phone?

If to compare their price with HomeDec, usually which one is cheaper?

Could you email me the details direct to

Thank you in advanced, have a good weekend ahead! :)

Jack Smart said...
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