Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free Party worth RM15,000!

Doesn't the word FREE make you read the headlines again! It did that to me!

I had no idea that F&N was having such a contest until I surfed into Nuffnang (you know them right, the people who were kind enough to throw the Friso Family Day Out Party)! And being the ever kind hearted Nuffnang, they requested for people like us (meaning Bloggers lah) to help out 2 other bloggers who are participating in this FREE party contest!

So you think I helped them or not? Sure I have to help lah ... cos Nuffnang ask one wor .... must help, cannot say cannot help .. hehehe.

You can see how committed these 2 young people were at hoping to win the FREE PARTY! Huai Bin & Pam - I salute you lah!

Young means young lah .. have all the energy on earth to pursue what they want - and all the want is to WIN! Go for it guys! Wish you all the luck!

Of course - given a chance, I also want to win a FREE PARTY .. but timing not right now. Even if I really win also no house to host it yet! Cos as you know, I am currently waiting for the darn day to arrive where the developer would call me to come over and collect the keys to my dream home. And then there is renovation. And then the furniture and all the stuff to buy to fill up the house, else no chair to sit, no bed to sleep and no TV .. so how to host party right???

But before all that, I need some advice ... I mean FREE ADVICE .. on interior designing .. and even best still .... free furniture, free TV, free bed, free dining table set, free sofa set, free aircond, free refrigerator, free kitchen cabinets, free .. free ... I think I am going crazy over this free thingy. I better stop now.


Josephine said...

I also like freebies!!!
Tell me who does not like free things?
Free Wor!!!

little prince's mummy said...

Free party? sounds great!

pamsong said...

Awww, thanks so much! Really appreciate the support. Semoga ber-party-ing I go! Hahahaha.

vickylow said...

haha free thing and it really sound intresting. I do hope to have free car, free house, free cash & etc (day dreaming again) LOL

Wonderful Life said...

Free one of course everyone also want la!

It's normal la... everyone will grab it when they see the word FREE!! :)

Josephine said...

Why no updates geh?

VG said...

Free? Where? I'll be there!

BTW, merry Christmas Jo.