Wednesday, December 17, 2008

EOE Online Digital Prints

I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of their service! I only placed my order last Thurs and within 3 working days, I received their package!
The package arrived via courier service on the 3rd working day morning. The photos were placed individually in a paper album and the album was neatly protected with some hard cover sheets. This ensures that the album and the photos inside are not dented or damaged.

The prints itself were quite sharp, clear and colours were pleasant to the eye. I have been to photoshops where when developed, they had such strong colors that the photos turned out so artificial but these were so soft and pleasant to view.

I ran through the pictures at least 3 times and went through those lovely moments of childbirth, confinement days, and those cute baby days where all lil one did was enjoy his milk & nap times ... cute eh. Then reality striked when I flipped through his growing days, from his 1st birthday pics right up to now, 20 months. Gosh! Suddenly feel so tired .. knowing lil one loves to run & run only ... hahahaha.

Honestly, I love flipping through old photographs that bring back lovely memories of our past. They could be either happy or sad moments, it does not matter, but most importantly, we can saviour those moments whenever we wish, at the comfort of our own home or anywhere we wish, with such lovely photos.

Pardon me for posting bad pics of the album. My office has a very "romantic" feel and thus the interior design of my desk area has got lots of downlights which I could not avoid.

For those of you who are keen to try their services, feel free to upload your pictures online at


Josephine said...

My old office in KL last time, also 'feel' the same.
Very romantic

Lovely Mummy said...

wah, so good one. Nice photos, I will join it later...