Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I really dont know ...

I personally do not know how to really feel & think about this and whether I should even consider it should the circumstances warrants for one.

My paternal grandma is now placed in a nursing home since she only has one son (my uncle) left in KL (others have since passed away or live in another state & country). She is 87 years old. Physically she can hardly walk but overall, she seems ok.

Recently, my maternal grand-aunt (now 97 years old) was placed into a nursing home too. Her daughter in KL has Alzheimers (which makes her incapable of taking care of her mom) and the other daughter now lives in Canada and will not be able to fly her mom over to stay with her.

I feel so sad and disheartened to see such situations but what can I do? I guess those in their homes have no choice but to go out to earn a living and thus, no one is at home to take care of them?

I am afraid that someday, I might be faced with a similar situation and I would really really feel totally hopeless and useless if I had to send my mom to a nursing home.... I will probably feel so depressed that I cant imagine just how difficult this would be for me ... I am too afraid to think about this.

I pray for God to provide me the best solution when this day comes and hope that I am able to provide for her and take care of her till her last breath. I really love you Mom.


Josephine said...

Hey. Spotted lil monster and ur hubby in Nuffang Blog. How come never see u geh?

LittleLamb said...

hey, never think this way k.
No matter what, we will take good care of our mothers. Never never leave them to some nursing homes.

vickylow said...

It's hard to make such choice. If can I wouldn't leave my mom in nursing homes too.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

it is really sad. your post brings back memories of my dear grandmother who had to stay in the salvation army home. she was unhappy there but no choice as no one could take care of her. wish i could at that time because i can still remember her sad face each time we leave the home after visiting her. *sob sob*