Thursday, November 27, 2008

Biokips 100% Air & Liquid Tight Containers

Had some time to kill during lunch hour and decided to visit The Weld to see if they have a good bargain. Usually, there is always some sort of bargains galore at their concourse level where you can find household items, pots & pans or even toys & books.

This time round, they had very very good bargains for plastic containers from the Biokips brand. They were at a 50% discount! Which means for a decent sized container, they only cost below RM20 each!

These containers are 100% air tight & liquid tight and they are microwave and dishwasher safe. Some of the useful functions of this range of containers are :-
  • It keeps food fresh by preventing evaporations and smell by applying the CEM Bio technology.
  • It is effective in preventing the lesion and vitamins in foods such as vegetables, fish, meat and fruits by infrared radiation for activating food nourishment.
  • It prevents rotting of food by restraining bacteria and mold and also gets rid of smell and flavour such as fish smell.
  • The silicon packing across the vessels press uniformly ensuring 100% air tight at all times.
  • Its made of non-polluted materials approved by FDA in US and is free from environmental hormones.
To me, the material used looks thick and sturdy and very strong and durable. Definately better than the Tupperware brand I have at home which were way more expensive! I paid and bundled for about 10 pcs of various sizes home *happy smile*.


jojo said...

I have been fan of Tupperware for 10+ yrs lah, but recently realized, the quality is not as good as before, easily peel & break. Moreover, price go higher and higher... never standardized the colour tone.. ends up i have rainbow colour of containers..

Josephine said...

fuyoh! New Header wor. SWEE!

Dhanggit said...

Oh my goodness I really miss a lot of your posts :-) I love your banner btw!!

I'm never fan of tupperware..i find them expensive i always opt for the non branded cheapish ones !!!hahaha

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Family first, my wife still has her Tupperware from her young days and still using them.

The 'Weld' you mentioned, is it, 'Weld Supermarket' in ...I forgot the road name...ahhh, Weld road?

You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.