Friday, October 3, 2008

Cabby Drivers! Rude!

I dont know about other parts of the world but here, I find that the local taxi drivers are darn rude!

If you dont fit in into their plan as in where they "prefer" to drive, then they just brush you off! They even charge you ridiculously even though there are regulations on this. If they are in a good mood, they might use the meter. Else they will charge you a flat rate to your destination as they claim it is "out" of their way.

Especially so when there is a downpour (never mind if its heavy or not), they just drive past you even though they are not carrying any passengers. And if you are lucky enough to flag down one who is willing to send you where you wanna go, then be prepared to pay triple the amount you would normally pay!

And some taxies are dirty and smelly! The shirts they wear seems like it was not washed for days! Thats KL cab drivers! Nasty!

But nevertheless, there are very pleasant and nice drivers that I have come across. I shall not generalise them but just a word of caution to look out in case you meet some of those nasty ones.

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