Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Satay Lovers - Start Queing!

Hubby loooooves satay! I love it too! My entire family loves it. My in-laws are satay lovers too! Which Malaysian isn't a satay lover? Even my mat-salleh friends love them!

My regular supply of this lovely aromatic chicken skewered meat comes from Satay Kajang Hj Samsuri. He has got several outlets along several highway stops in the city as well as one just opposite Pertama Complex, outside the blue Mara Building. Others are located at the Sg Buloh overhead bridge and along Kesas Highway. Many more outlets but did not really find them all out.

My favourites are of course chicken and veal. I like the beef too but hubby & family do not take beef for religious reasons, so we normally do not order it.

Heard that it is pretty inconsistent when it comes to quality & taste in some of the outlets but nevertheless, we only frequent the one along Kesas Highway and it has never failed us so far.

My mom's comment is that the peanut sauce is a bit too sweet but I love it when it is mixed with its specially blended sambal sauce hmmmm ... salivating already *fattening smile*.


Josephine said...

I think they have one in SS2 too, if i m not mistaken (donno whether is the same stall or not). They have one in Restaurant Jejantas, Sg. Buluh.

2L2M.... said...

and also in DU.....the one along Kesas at the Awan Besar so far never failed...close to my place too :)