Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interior Designer

Time is of the essence for me ever since I had my little one. I also tend to finish work late every weekday. Both hubby & I typically spend 10 hrs each day in the office. If we add in travelling time, thats another 3 hrs bothways. Usually we reach home about 9pm and then have our shower and dinner, a short story or play time with little monster and its then bedtime (cos both of us are dead tired by then!)

Since we will in a couple of months time, be handed our keys to our very first home, I will have to now start on refining my research for our intended renovation.

Generally I will only have Saturdays to do this. It's the only day I can go out with hubby, to run errands, without my little one. Its total rest for my mom on Sundays so I do not want to bother her with my little one on that day. However, when Saturday comes, there are loads of things to attend to, like sending the car (one after another) for service, mom's routine doctor's appointment, MIL's doc appointment, dentist appointment, little ones vaccination appointment, visit my grandma, grocery shopping, post office visits, renew this & that, some banking, invitations for dinner or pot-luck parties, etc.

So where on earth can I find more time to visit tiles showrooms, kitchen showrooms, bedding & furniture outlets, lighting shops, electrical outlets, color/paint showrooms *endless list*headache*.

I wonder if I should consider appointing an interior designer for my new home. It would definately break our budget slightly but are they really worth it? Would they really understand our needs and able to create that wanted look & feel of the house? Or is it another headache I am adding on to myself? If any of you have any experience working with one, please share your experiences with me. Or if you know someone personally who provides interior design services for a reasonable fee, is responsible and wont cause me more heartaches and able to handle the contractors well, please do let me know as well. Thanks ya!


Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

Wow, you sound BUSY! Good luck with the interior design!

My Lil' Monster said...

Hey dun be too stress out with life. No doubt having an interior designer will solved part of your headache.

How bout buying some Interior Mag for reference? I've some old interior mags, about 4-5yrs back. If u need, do let me know.