Monday, August 25, 2008

How to make toddler sleep better?

It was another one of those (many, frequent) nights last night.

My little one seems like a light sleeper. Any slight noise can wake him up anytime. Even sounds like book or newspaper flipping, me & hubby whispering (no, we cant talk when he is sleeping in the room), noise from outdoors, dog barks, motorbikes riding pass our house, etc. etc.

Not only that, he also cries & wakes up for nothing (at least I think it was nothing). Sometimes I thought maybe he was feeling too cold or warm, maybe there were mosquitoes buzzing around him, etc but when I check he seems ok.

The first part of his sleep is usually ok. When he falls asleep at around 10ish or 11, he will sleep till about 1 or 2pm, then wake up for his milk. If I leave him alone, he will just wake up kicking a fuss but if I quickly feed him his milk, he will suck with his eyes closed and then go back to sleep almost instantly.

However the 2nd part of his sleep is usually a problem. After his 2am milk, he will not sleep well. He will usually kick up a fuss for at least once every hour or two. I have to pick him up from his bed and pat him to sleep. Then put him back to his bed. And then repeat this 2 or 3 times over the night.

Now you see why I feel & look like a zombie?

I tried feeding him well right before sleep. I tried giving him a warm wipe before sleep. I tried making him real tired during the day running about hoping he will be dead tired & sleep well. I tried talking to him hoping he would understand. I even tried going to the temple to ask for "advice"! But nothing works so far.

All forms of help or advise appreciated from anyone, anywhere. Thanks much.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hmm...sometimes kids go through such phases. maybe if he sleeps less during the day, especially the last nap, probably he would sleep better? :)


Sometimes he only takes one nap at around 1-3pm. Still he does not sleep well at night. We have tried all "combinations" but its the same. Sigh ...