Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Water Therapy

Over and over again, my mother would remind me to drink lots of water everyday when I was young and at school. And now, more than 30 years into my life, its my hubby who always reminds me to drink more water everyday! And guess what, I too, now remind myself to feed my son more water everyday - hahahaha! Silly eh?

But you know, water is so plain. So dull. Tasteless. But yet some people swear by being healthy and strong by just drinking enough water each day to flush out toxic from our body created by all the food we eat everyday.

Since last Friday, i decided to do something to improve my health and it is only right I start with drinking "enough" amount of water each day. Doctors and articles from magazines or the internet would advise you to drink 8 glasses of water each day ... but the point it, they never mention what is the size of the glass! A glass in china could mean a tea-cup and a glass in US could be a jumbo sized Coke????

So, according to my health plan coach, she recommended me 3 litres of water each day. And this measurement of water is for MY body according to MY health plan. So dont follow me blindly okay? If you need to know how much of water your individual body needs, let me know and I can seek my health plan's coach to guide you as well :-)

I have been a pretty good girl ... ahem ... since last Friday. It was tough the first day cos I never never drank so much water in a single day. But it got easier. Yesterday I managed to finish 1.5 litres in just 2 hours. Good eh? I dont know why but I just drank & drank cos I felt like it.

I promise to do this everyday if possible and make this part of my lifestyle. So why dont you too do something positive for your body today?


Jojo said...

Aiyoh! A weird weak bladder species like me ah! sure have to sit on a potty whole day and nite lah!! If i am ask to drink 3 litres of water per day...hehe

Family First said...

Dont worry ... your body will learn how to cope with it eventually .. cos your body really needs lots of water lah fren.