Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Report Card # 1 - Post Mortem

First & foremost, I need to explain what I feel different when I first started on this health plan compared to day.

2 weeks ago, I felt tired all the time and my stomach seems to be expanding like crazy (wind). The dark circles below my eyes are pretty bad and my whole body seems bloated (water retention). Both my feet also ache easily after an hour in the mall and my back (spine area) aches badly when I carry my son for a prolonged period of time (which can be as short as 10 mins - ha!)

2 weeks later, today, I still feel tired but slightly less. My tummy is very slightly smaller. I can see its slightly smaller. During the first week, I burped quite a bit. I guess this helped my tummy measurements a bit. Dark circles just slightly better too but still visible. Feets do hurt quite a bit but at least I can last longer in the mall (happy!).

The inch loss probably helped with my water retention problem and my current diet plan has not really kick into my real fats yet I guess. Hence the very low kg loss.

Other than this, hmm ... nothing much kua.

Nevertheless, lets see how it goes for another 2 weeks. Keeping my fingers, toes, tonque and everything else possible of crossing, crossed!

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